Traditionally location can have the biggest impact on your home’s value. While that is still true, location to trendy places such as Starbucks is also showing an increased value to homes. Additionally, the colors you choose can also impact how much people are willing to pay for your home.

Below is an article from that describes some of the most popular features of a home that can impact the number of offers you receive and how quickly you can sell your home. After reading the article, give us a call so we can advise you on the best way to prepare your home to sell that will give you the best return on your investment.

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Does your home offer any of the perks some buyers will pay more for?

For most Americans, their home is their most important financial asset. But in the past, homeowners only knew how much it was worth when they bought or sold their home. Zillow was founded to democratize this sort of information — starting with the Zestimate, Zillow’s estimated market valuation tool.

To understand how much your home is worth, it’s important to understand the variety of factors that go into assessing the value, both existing (assessed and appraised) value, as well as potential real value on the market. The Zestimate is Zillow’s tool for extrapolating real market value of your home based on existing home-related data and actual sales prices in your area.

Thousands of data points correlate with home values and sale prices — some of which are obvious (like the condition of the home), and some that aren’t so obvious.

Here are several surprising things that can affect either the existing value of your home or the price someone is willing to pay for it, all based on data.

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