Maintenance on your home can be expensive, however, not correcting issues as they arise can create a bigger more expensive issue. This is why it is important to address problems in your home as soon as they are discovered. Additionally, if you do decide to sell your home you won’t have a large list of projects to complete to get it on the market.

Below is an article from that provides details on the importance of keeping up maintenance on your home at all times. It guides you through some basic suggestions that will help you be prepared to sell your home and also some warning signs to look for when searching to buy a new home. After reading the article, give us a call at Carney Realty so we can help you in your home selling or buying journey.

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If you’re like most people, your home is the largest expenditure you’ll ever make in your life…and the costs don’t stop with the purchase.

Unlike renting, where a landlord takes care of the home maintenance and repair tasks, as a homeowner, these tasks and expenditures fall on you…if you don’t do them they simply won’t get done – until an emergency forces them to be dealt with.

And when that happens, it can mean more money coming out of your pocket both in terms of repairs and a lower sales price should you decide to sell.

For example, when a potential buyer sees a dusty air filter, they’re probably wondering how long it’s been dusty and whether or not the HVAC system is going to die before its time because of improper maintenance. This means the buyer will either look elsewhere or will bid low because they assume they’ll need to replace the air conditioner soon after moving in.

So as you can see, little things such as an air filter that needs changing or a dripping faucet can reflect on your care as a homeowner; possibly costing you when you do decide to sell.

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